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Bin5 LP Storage and Display

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Bin5 LP Storage and Display
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The Bin5 LP Storage Cabinet is designed for quick access and optimal display of Record Store Day exclusives, Specials or New Arrivals. The metal top channel will hold a vinyl sign or you can even attach a magnetic sign. 

Each level leaves two thirds of the album cover exposed. the bottom of each bin is flat 18 G.A. Steel. This flat surface will protect the records from damage. The short rows and five tiers will make it easy to browse and make a selection.

  • LP Storage Capacity is about 220 LPs.
  • Easy Assembly, just attach the back legs, 2 side braces and 4 wheels.
  • Add Locking or Regular Casters. They easily slide into each leg. 

The Bin5 Dimensions
23.25" Deep
28” Wide
57.5” High in the back

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