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Bin-e LP Storage / Natural White

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Bin-e Natural White Vinyl Record Storage
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The Bin-e in Natural White will fit in with any decor. Your LP collection will be easy to browse and enjoy. Place the Bin-e next to your turntable for easy access to new LP purchases and now playing selections.

The Bin-e is designed for easy access to your LP collection. Browse through your records with the cover facing you, just like in a record store. Enjoy new LP purchases before you catalog them or store records in heavy rotation. The Bin-e is perfect for retail environments. A simple counter top LP browser bin for new or featured LPs. The 15” depth of the Bin-e makes it easy to place next to your turntable or on top of storage units like the Expedite.

  • The Bin-e is 15" deep, 14" Wide and 13 1/2" High
  • Made from industrial, long grain, particle board
  • Designed to fit next to your turntable.
  • Display and browse your new LP purchases.
  • Durable smooth surface resists scratches, moisture and stains.
  • Each Bin-e holds 75 LP's with room to browse.
  • The Bin-e ships unassembled to reduce shipping cost.
  • Easy 10 minute assembly

The Bin-e Dimensions:
15" deep
14" Wide
13 1/2" High

The GrooveMat is a thick Grooved Vinyl Mat that fits perfectly in the bottom of your Bin-e. Your records will be easier to browse. The Vinyl Grooves will hold your collection in place and prevent any movement. You can now fill your Bin-e half way and not worry about them sliding forward. Keeping your LPs vertical is the best way to store your collection. Excessive leaning will cause warping over time. The GrooveMat will allow you to maintain 100% vertical LP storage.

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