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GrooveMats for the LPBIN and 2 Center Dividers

GrooveMats for the LPBIN and 2 Center Dividers

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This Package includes: 

(1)  FULL Set of GrooveMats for the LPBIN

(2) Center Dividers

The GrooveMat is a thick Grooved Vinyl Mat that fits perfectly in the bottom of your LPBIN. Your records will be easier to browse. The Vinyl Grooves will hold your collection in place and prevent any movement. You can now fill rows half way and not worry about them sliding forward. Keeping your LPs vertical is the best way to store your collection. Excessive leaning will cause warping over time. The GrooveMat will allow you to maintain 100% vertical LP storage.

Two Center Dividers will prevent the rows from touching as you browse. No tools are needed for installation. The divider fits perfectly between the rows. Just slide them into place. Soft rubber pads on each end hold the divider in place.

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