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What is the difference between the LPBIN and the LPBIN2?

The LPBIN and the LPBIN2 are both storage solutions designed specifically for large vinyl record collections. While they serve the same purpose, there are a few key differences between the two.

One notable difference is in the depth and capacity of the top bins. The LPBIN is more compact and holds an equal number of records on both the top and bottom shelves. This allows for efficient use of space, making it suitable for those with limited space. The LPBIN2 holds more on top and the bottom is section 13" deep. 

The LPBIN material is all 3/4" particle board.  The LPBIN2 has particle board sides and metal center shelves. Both LPBIN and LPBIN2 hold the same amount of records. The LPBIN2 features shorter rows, which makes it easier to browse through your vinyl collection. This design allows for more storage on top, making it a preferred choice for collectors who enjoy flipping through their albums frequently. The LPBIN2 is 6" deeper than the LPBIN.

Both versions offer sturdy construction and durable materials to ensure the protection of your valuable records. They are designed with functionality in mind, providing easy access while keeping your collection organized. 

Ultimately, choosing between the LPBIN and LPBIN2 depends on your specific needs and preferences as a vinyl enthusiast. Consider factors such as available space, collection size, and browsing habits to determine which storage solution best suits you.

What is the difference between the LPBIN2 and the LPBIN3?

The LPBIN2 and LPBIN3 hold the same amount of records. 

The LPBIN3 has casters and all metal sides. The LPBIN2 is stationary and has particle board sides.