LPBIN LP Storage Solutions

Since 2008, LPBIN.com has been the leader in bin style LP storage solutions. We offer a variety of LP storage cabinets for displaying and storing large and small record collections. Our large floor displays hold over 560 records and the smaller counter top bins hold 75 records. LPBIN Vinyl Record Storage cabinets are perfect for home use and built strong enough for retail environments. Your record collection will be safe, secure and easy to browse with the LPBIN LP storage cabinet.

Bin-e LP storage units hold 75 LPs and are the perfect size for placing next to your turntable. Fill them with new and "Now Playing" records. Bin-e LP storage units are also used for counter top retail displays. Record stores use the Bin-e for sale records and for featured new stock.

The original LPBIN holds over 560 LPs and comes in three colors, Modern Black, Java Cherry and Natural White. The simple compact design is perfect for home use.

The LPBIN2 comes in solid black and holds the same amount of LPs as the LPBIN. By raising the back bins the rows are shorter. This makes it easier to browse and offers more area for display. The LPBIN2 is also deeper and holds more on top.